There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to modern marketing,
and pre-packaged solutions will never cut it.

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Marketing Tailored to Your Business’ Needs

Marketing is the art of connecting. The way you connect with your customers takes on many forms and can sometimes feel incredibly daunting.

At Ox, we break these connections into three simple categories – connections you pay for (Paid Media), connections you earn (Earned Media), and assets you create to enable and encourage these connections (Owned Media).

Paid Media

Paid Media encompasses all forms of digital advertising, including pay-per-click (PPC), programmatic, native, and social promotion (to name just a few). Our eye-catching creatives and effective calls to action ensure campaign success at every level.

Our Process

All advertisers know the importance of A/B testing, but many struggle with testing across various platforms. At Ox, we leverage the power of analytics to tag and track all of your campaigns in one place. This data-driven strategy guarantees full transparency and visibility into each campaign’s performance, making it easy to tailor your messaging for maximum effectiveness.

Earned Media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social outreach, and public relations make up the backbone of earned media strategy. Working together, each of these tactics builds the connections necessary to get your business found, mentioned, and linked to.

Our Process

At the heart of all earned media is great content. Every Ox client partner receives a consultation complete with competitive analyses, a brand loyalty matrix, and a content roadmap that delivers the right message to the right medium at the right time. Through constant optimization and revision, we continuously refine your messaging, identify and align search and social trends with your brand’s product offerings, and deliver content that builds brand awareness and loyalty.

Owned Media

Your website is more than a signpost; it is a reflection of your business online. It is your online storefront, your business card, your digital reputation. At Ox, we respect the importance of a great first impression and work hard to make yours shine — every time.

Our Process

In addition to content strategy consultation, Ox does an in-depth review of your company’s digital assets at the initiation of every partnership. We address website functionality, user experience, conversion effectiveness, and a litany of other factors that impact a visitor’s first impression. We analyze your social profiles for content quality, relevance, and brand consistency. Then we get to work ensuring that your brand is putting its best foot forward in every regard.


Everything we do is informed by data. Because of our extensive analytics experience, we are able to measure and assess each arm of marketing strategy in a comprehensive, holistic way.

Our Process

It can be easy to get sidetracked with “vanity metrics.” These include things like social likes, shares, and fancy-sounding engagement statistics that don’t do much for your bottom line. Our client partners enjoy insights into their conversion metrics, all in one place, to help easily make informed decisions on each campaign.

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